Despite the arguments of the representatives of the remote gambling industry, the Latvian authorities still ban legalized online operations. Innovation has become a part of the emergency law. The head of state legislators supported the initiative.

 After the law was signed by President Egils Levits, all kinds of casino entertainment in the network were outside the legal field. The latter is true of online casinos, and in relation to sports betting. The reason for such drastic decisions was the desire of the authorities to protect the financial assets of people in a situation of the pandemic.

 So, all the online platform for gambling pledged to shut down its operations since April 6. Along with these legal obligations, which are set for gambling operators in relation to their customers, they must also be adhered to. Information about this was published the head of the legal department of the controlling department Janis Urgunsom.

 It is significant that initially it was assumed that the prohibition of operations will be in effect until April 14, however, according to the journalists, “quiet” period can be delayed considerably. We are talking about the period of three months.

 However, in general, the government is developing measures to resolve the arisen in the context of COVID-19 economy crisis. What exactly – see the link.

 Recall that in the country are already reporting cases of collective dismissal of workers involved in the gambling industry.

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